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Your Web Developer is Not an Online Marketer

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012

Online Marketing is not as simple as it seems, and your web developer or web services company may be taking on more titles than he’s entitled to by claiming to be a Marketing expert.

Online Marketing, strategy and tactical expertise are services that many web design services or digital Marketing groups claim to offer, but not all show adequate competency in these areas.  When your creative agency is unable to provide real expertise in strategic Online Marketing, the business owner will be the one left disappointed and unable to take advantage of the benefits offered in the digital world.

Here are some guidelines to look for to ensure your digital partner is providing the Marketing expertise you need:

  • Identify and define your Key Performance Indicators
    • A partner with Marketing expertise will ask you to define your KPIs, objectives or the metrics you use to provide your online success beyond ‘hits’, ‘likes’ or website traffic.  The KPI’s your provide should be discussed, and the method by which your derive them should be clearly defined and duplicated by the firm in question
    • If you cannot provide KPIs or metrics because your company has not yet appropriately defined them, an experienced firm will offer suggestions on how to best measure your success and help to set realistic goals and expectations.
  • Take the time to understand your business
    • A quality partner will want to have full understanding and insight into your business profile, your target audience and the competitive landscape.  By reviewing past digital efforts, a Marketing partner should ask about your successes, failures and key learnings from past endeavors.
    • In order to develop creative ways to connect with and entice your target audience on line, any quality Marketing partner will request to review your current branding, ad campaigns, web platforms and all consumer facing material to create synergy between touch points and develop a cohesive brand voice.
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of Search Engine Optimization
    • While engaging in SEO, a valuable Marketing partner will make suggestions on which key words to use and provide the rationale behind their selections.
    • Be wary of partners who ‘guarantee’ first page ‘SEO rankings’ on Google, build pages for SEO that don’t live on your domain, won’t provide the log-in information or provide technical support/training. If your web developer hasn’t provided you with the information to facilitate your own SEO platform, you may lose the pages and your rankings if you sever your business relationship
  • Providing consistent feedback and future recommendations
    • Your web developer may provide a visually impressive, user friendly and dynamic web platform for your company, but a Marketing partner will build on your online assets as well.  A quality Marketing strategist will provide trending web analytics and interpret performance analysis to develop recommendations to move forward or strategies to change course as necessary

A creative web developer can be an important asset in the on-line arsenal for your brand, but a true Marketing professional will include tactical insight and a strategy to truly connect with your target audience.  Consult the experts at Imaginis Marketing Inc to ensure your online efforts are strategically aligned to provide the highest return for your brand.