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Why invest in marketing? My business doesn’t need it!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015

You’ve grown a successful business. You have worked hard over the years with your head down, perfecting your service offering. You identified a need in the market early and addressed it … better than most. There is no fluff – you are the real deal. Combining the ingredients of your proprietary knowledge, your skillset, or maybe just the work ethic of an elite athlete, you created a recipe for success.

why invest in marketing

A peacock. Without applause.

Recently, having come this far, you stuck your head up to view the landscape. Kudos to you, you should be proud …  like a peacock spreading its feathers … only nobody is ogling!

Why not? And where do you go from here? You want to build something bigger. Your business has not only grown, but has thrived, since inception, without marketing. So why spend money on marketing?

In the back of your mind you know you need it (there’s that voice in your head saying why would the big guys do it otherwise). Yes, you are that good. So wouldn’t it be of benefit to everyone if you reached more customers? You want to be sought after. Marketing is the answer.


How many degrees of separation?

Think about how you got your customers to date. Likely through your own network? You’ve seen the 6 degrees of separation within your existing client base. Lionel needed you, he told his colleagues how good you are, the momentum caught on. You exchanged cards, connected with professionals on LinkedIn, and so on.

But now what?


Sell for today, market for tomorrow

Marketing is your investment in future revenues. Sales is what you’re doing now; marketing is the thing you’ll wish you had done more of last year. And the only way to manage that is to start now.

Marketing creates meaningful interactions with your brand on your behalf. It extends your reach. It increases your clout and your credibility. You’re probably reading this blog because you have hit the threshold within your own circle of trust … now how do you touch other businesses and stakeholders?


I get you!

I can certainly relate. That is how we feel about our own craft at Imaginis – marketing. We too worked to get it right, a mission that we express through our credo of Financially Responsible Marketing. We too invested to hone and clarify our story, and to get it out there.

Is your business worth investing in?

Like investing in the stock market, no specific part of marketing is a sure bet. But you can:

  • Do your research and find a company/team you trust to work with to make your business grow!
  • Look for a sense of accountability on both sides. It’s a partnership. Even as someone who has spent her career in marketing, I still need to give myself a shake, and remind myself that our marketing resources are an extension of our own team – not a lottery ticket.
  • Hard work is a common denominator at every stage of a company’s evolution. Don’t pass the buck; be clear on expectations.

You are worth investing in. Why sell yourself short, and leave your next business milestone to chance?

Financially Responsible Marketing™ thoughts by Imaginis