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Why Hire a Third Party Marketing Firm?

Posted by on Jan 26, 2012

Hiring an external marketing firm isn’t just for large or multinational companies who are turning around millions of dollars in sales each quarter.  In reality, small to medium businesses can benefit greatest from outsourcing their marketing needs.

As your company grows, internal resources may not be able to strategize, plan, fulfill and analyze all your business requirements, particularly in marketing.  Here are some points to consider when discussing a partnership with an outsourced marketing Firm.

Financial Commitment

  • If you are considering hiring an internal marketing professional, the average entry level salary is $30,000 – $40,000 per annum, not to mention the internal resources (computer, cell phone, desk space, office products) and employee costs (benefits, taxes).  Add to this the cost of marketing products and programs, and your company has invested up to $100,000 on an entry level marketer with limited experience and an average lifespan of 14 months with your company.  By hiring an external Marketing Firm you pay the cost of development and execution on your marketing programs with an additional agency fee – a considerably lower investment overall.

Breadth of expertise and coverage

  • By collaborating with an external firm, your company is tapping into a team of marketing professionals with a breadth of experience and a multitude of viewpoints to effectively tackle all aspects of your business.  A valuable marketing firm will have both seasoned and young professionals with expertise in all areas of marketing including traditional, social, experiential, brand, retail and trade, as well as a variety of execution levels from grass-route initiatives to national or international campaigns.

Freeing up internal resources

  • Valuable marketing opportunities can pop up quickly and require a significant commitment of man-power and resources to execute proficiently.  External marketing firms have access to trained product teams, copywriters, analysts, collateral producers, printers and a number of resources to execute all aspects of your marketing strategy and react quickly to short-notice opportunities.  This allows your internal resources to focus on what they do best: the daily execution and expansion of your business platforms, while the marketing firm executes the major and minor details of the program.

Improving Market Share

  • An external marketing firm will not only execute on marketing initiatives, but will strategically create a comprehensive marketing plan to create the best ROI for your corporate initiatives.  A good marketing firm will clarify your corporate message, ensure all communication platforms are coordinated and updated, create effective collateral, ensure your company is at the forefront of messaging for industry news, advancements and technological improvements, and proactively find the most effective methods to get your product in front of your target customer.

If you are ready to take the step to consider outsourcing your marketing needs, join us next week to learn what to look for in a potential Marketing Firm partnership.  Imaginis Marketing is a boutique marketing agency that provides a full range of agency services to small and mid-sized businesses without the large fees and long turn-around times associated with larger firms.  Email us at to learn more or discuss your marketing needs.