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What is your brand saying?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2011

Agencies listen to clients and clients listen to agencies – but who is listening to your brand?  Even in the absence of advertising and traditional marketing, your brand has a voice and is saying something each and every day.  Stop and consider what your brand is saying

  • Your brand has fundamentals.  These are the core competencies of your service, the primary functions of your product and the main value propositions of your company. 
    • List the fundamentals of your product or service and identify the ways in which your brand converses on these elements
  • How do your employees perceive the brand?  Can they identify the elements of your brand which set it apart from the competition and speak to the core competencies of the business?
    • Over time the fundamentals, functionality and purpose of your business may shift due to changing economic tides or technologies.  Review your core messaging and ensure that your brand is speaking to your employees in a way that makes them champion the business.  
  • How do consumers perceive your brand?  Are your customer’s reasons for supporting your product or service congruent with the message your brand is voicing?
    • Review your brand from your customer’s point of view and ensure the value messaging to your customers aligns with their appetite to consume your product or service.

Listen to your brand.  Is it saying what you want it to?