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Top 5 marketing New Year’s resolutions that you can stick too

Posted by on Dec 19, 2018

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning your marketing for 2019. To start the year off right, there are a few must do marketing activities to gain success in the New Year.  Here are my top 5 marketing New Year’s resolutions to help get you started.

I will analyze my 2018 metrics against those goals I set at the start of last year

Now is the time to revisit your goals for 2018 and see how well you performed. Pull data from Google Analytics on your website and determine which content performed and which didn’t. Social media platforms will give you a good indication of what resonated with your audience by the number of likes and shares each post received. Ask your internal team what content they are still using when speaking with prospects or customers. Lastly, if there are tools not being used, figure out why and decide whether to abandon them or create better usage strategies for the New Year. After your evaluation, celebrate successes, create a baseline of what worked, develop your goals and re-align your plans for 2019.


I will spend more time producing evergreen content

Is evergreen content a buzzword? YES! But what does it mean? It means to use the existing content you’re already producing. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with new ideas. Spend time and energy on those activities you’re already doing well. Answered a recent sales question in an email? Make it into a useful FAQ. Turn your technical questions into a knowledge base. You can even ask clients to record a video promoting their services while using your solutions. It’s a win-win for both of you.

I am going to focus more on email to reach and connect with my audience

E-newsletters will find a place of priority in your audience inboxes. 3rd party distribution of content is on the decline and will continue that trend in 2019. Publishing content on your own channels will be vital to reaching your audience but how will your audience know it’s ready and available? Email! CASL in Canada and GDPR in the EU have driven companies to be respectful of email inboxes and thus, people will place their trust in email again. Curating your content for your audience into e-newsletters will help nurture your prospects and build better connections with your customers.

I will increase my ROI on marketing by leveraging content across all departments

If you’ve dedicated yourself to creating content to drive brand awareness, we often forget that the rest of the organization’s departments might not be leveraging those assets.  There are many ways to maximize your content’s use, be it within your recruiting efforts, your sales communications, internal training and development and other areas of the company. We can’t be afraid that someone might get the content more than once. Even if they do, there is no guarantee they’ve read it the first time. If your content is relevant and useful, use it as often as you can to maximize its ROI.

I will set realistic marketing goals for 2019 and dedicate time to evaluating them consistently

All too often, we develop lofty goals for marketing but wait until the end of the year to find out things weren’t working as we thought they would. Re-look at your analysis of 2018, plan your strategies for 2019 and set milestones to evaluate your efforts against your goals. Whether monthly or quarterly, ask yourself what is working? What isn’t? Make adjustments, reset your expectations and execute against your new pathway. The life of your business is a winding road, you can’t expect marketing to fit into a straight line from start to finish without a few twists and turns along the way.  Be flexible and revisit your plan often.

Take a few minutes to reflect on these marketing resolutions as you work on your plans for marketing in 2019 in order to set yourself up for success. Remember, learn from your past but don’t relive it. Capitalize on the efforts you’re already doing. Get your communications out often and consistently. Don’t bottleneck marketing into one department. And finally, set goals for 2019 but adjust and realign your efforts along the way!

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