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The thing that everyone wants this holiday season!

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016

Holiday gifts for customersWhether you are tapping into your sales pipeline or reinvigorating relationships with customers, the holiday season is a great time to reach out.  An email or phone call might not cut the mustard and come across as too pushy or self-promoting.  However, if you give a little gift during the holiday season, it can be a boost to your brand’s presence with your audience and start a conversation.

But what should you consider when deciding on what to use for your holiday promotional materials?  There are 3 key attributes that make promotional products successful.  An item that is unique.  Brand placement that is visible.  A clear call to action.  By addressing each of these attributes, you’ll be sure your brand remains top of mind with your audience.

Now that you’ve decided on using a holiday promotional gift, you need to first answer these questions:

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the purpose of the item?
  • What kind of impression do I want to make?

Once you figure out these parameters, it’s time decide on an item.   The item must meet the 3 key attributes.

The item must be unique and memorable

There are a few key items that you need to include in your regular arsenal like pens and clothing (i.e.: hats, shirts, etc.).  But the holidays are a time to change up the everyday item for something that will stand out amongst other brands.  Items such as a snowbrush or a pair of winter mittens are unique gifts that aren’t the normal type your audience might receive.

Your brand must be visible

Now that you’ve decided on your gift, you have to include your logo.  Because your item is a gift, you might be hesitant to put your brand front and centre.  The uniqueness of the item however, is the best time to ensure your brand is visible when in use or when on display.

There must be a clear call to action

Finally, your item must include a call to action on it.  This can be a phone number, an email address or a website address.  Once someone has decided they are interested in starting a conversation with you, they will grab that item and look at it for guidance on what you want them to do to reach you.  Including a clear call to action with your brand on the gift leaves little guessing for your audience.

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start considering what opportunities exist to promote your brand and engage with your target audience.  Need some help coming up with ideas or finding the right mix of promotional item and gift?  Give us a call.