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Tell the story of your brand

Posted by on Mar 22, 2012

One of the best ways to connect to your target consumer is by telling the story of your brand.  Stories educate, inspire and entertain.  Adopt the framework of a story, and you’ll communicate with your consumer in a meaningful and effective way.  The consumer begins to form a relationship with your company, gains confidence in your products and services and ultimately becomes brand loyal.  Here are some tips to help create your brand story:

Collect the Back Story

  • Each back story is different, but generally consists of any and all information relevant to the emergence, development and growth of the brand.  This should include assessment of the brand’s culture, its focal solution to the industry, core competencies, as well as opportunities and obstacles it faces in the marketplace.

Characterize the Brand

  • To identify your brand’s importance, focus on the brand’s persona first and the prospective consumer second.  Begin with a thorough understanding of the brand’s value and belief system and provide specific examples of how/when the brand has executed on these platforms.  Identify the brand’s strengths, as well as the limitations and be realistic – you don’t want to over-sell your brand’s efficacies and be unable to deliver to your consumers.  For example, a value-priced hotel chain should focus on the platforms of cleanliness, value for money and comfort, but not try to associate itself with luxury.

Characterize the Consumer

  • Once the brand is characterized, the target consumer can be identified.  Look to see what functional or emotional needs are being left unfulfilled in the marketplace and the opportunities your brand has to maximize on these voids.  By understanding the host of solutions your brand can provide, you are able to better identify those whom require your services.

Connect the Characters

  • Once the two story characters – the brand, and the consumer – are understood, it’s time to look for a fit between them.  In the short term this includes understanding how the brand satisfies a functional need to the consumer and creating an effortless mode of conversation between them.  Through the process of conversation, it is important to spark a long-term relationship that is founded in shared values, information and insight into the marketplace.

Your brand story is an important platform to ensure your consumer understands your importance in the marketplace and can connect to your brand platform.  At Imaginis we make brand stories come to life, get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to help your own story evolve.