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Take your Brand from Elevator Pitch to the Next Level

Posted by on Jul 21, 2012

Creating your brand story means moving beyond the standard elevator pitch, and uncovering your brand’s true emotional core.  Any marketer can provide an ‘elevator pitch’, but that generally describes the function of your brand, and doesn’t take your customers to the higher floors of your messaging including the values, ethics and beliefs of your company.

Consumers are overloaded with a plethora of communication channels which can harbor a general lack of trust with advertising messages.  By sharing your brand’s values, buyers become more involved on an emotional level and in turn support your brand through positive reviews and word of mouth.

Here are some tips on how to share your brand story, and take your customers from elevator pitch to the higher floors of your brand’s message.

  • Know what you’re looking for
    • When a storyteller is asked what they are trying to say through their story, the answer is some expression of values, morals or world view.  Your messaging should provide more than just the functionality of your brand and include the values your brand stands by – such as the importance of freedom, discovery or creating simplicity.
  • Look beyond what you do and uncover why you do it
    • Our beliefs and values guide our behaviors, both in life and in the workplace.  Consumers like to align with companies that they can emotionally connect with and reflect their own moral code.  Identify the most important functional attributes your company delivers on and consider the underlying value associated with each benefit.  If your company provides a time or money savings, the underlying value could be freedom from worry or more time to share with loved ones
  • Uncover the opposite
    • One way to uncover what your brand does best is to describe the result if you did everything wrong.  What do you value the least?  What would the most unfavorable outcome be?  Think of this as the enemy to your brand – what your brand needs to overcome, and start to develop your brand’s character.  Sometimes understanding where your brand doesn’t belong can help you find where you should be
  • Identify your brand’s role model
    • By thinking of your brand as a story character, you might be able to identify an archetype your brand would associate with:  the caregiver, maverick, the freedom fighter or the sage.  Identify a hero that your brand most resembles and explain what that hero values in relation to your brand.  Robin Hood’s purpose wasn’t to steal from the rich – he was driven by his desire to uphold the rights of the less fortunate.
  • Get feedback from employees and customers
    • By asking what those who use your product/service value most, you can uncover a better understanding of your brand’s importance.  Your customers likely interpret your company based on their experience with you and other competitive brands.  By identifying your brand’s story, and more importantly living it, you will build credibility with your buyers and develop customer loyalty.

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