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Tactics For Lead Generation Offline

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014

Given the modern digital age and the increasing amount of time people are spending online, there has been such a rise in popularity of online marketing, and rightfully so. But what about “old school” tactics that now tend to be left out of the picture and replaced? Some offline tactics still apply today and can be extremely effective in driving more leads. Offline tactics are reliable and can produce more returns. Why not boost your online marketing efforts with some traditional offline marketing?

Here are the two top offline tactics your company can exploit to create more leads and give your sales a boost:


Direct Marketing

Why spend more money to create, print, and ship direct mail, when you can send out the same number or more promotional emails for 10% of the price? It may sound silly, however, direct marketing can be more effective and generate a better response than email marketing, which can make the extra expenses justifiable and worth your while.

Direct mail still gets more consideration than marketing emails. Unlike unwanted e-mail marketing, people tolerate junk mail in their mailbox and are more likely to read and hold onto it. People don’t have as much of a negative reaction towards unsolicited postal mail as they do towards receiving unsolicited email.

Direct marketing is most effective if you are offering a product or service where your target customers need time to think seriously about whether to take advantage of a certain offer, if it is a complicated product or service, or if you are presenting several detailed offers at once. It can also work very well if you have a brand-new, first of its kind product that you need to explain in great detail to the target customer.


Trade Shows

A trade show is an opportunity for in-person marketing and interaction with potential customers. You meet face-to-face with people who might be interested in your products or services, and it is a chance to display them in person. Real world engagement has unique and distinct value because it weaves in a personal, one-on-one human connection that can’t easily be duplicated online.

For attendees, a trade show provides an opportunity to buy or learn about products, and to talk directly with the people who make or sell them. With other lead generation tactics, the company reaches out to the customers, who may or may not be in the market for the product. At a trade show, the opposite happens: customers come to you.

Often, the customers have a vested interested in learning all they can about your product or service. They are also more likely to have a need for it, or at least more of willingness to listen to what you have to say. Even as we continue to advance through the digital age, trade shows will continue to be a very effective lead generating tactic.



While everybody is flocking to the most popular online tactics of today, you can give yourself an edge by adding to the mix some less popular traditional tactics that can help drive leads into your sales department.   Need more ideas?  Let us know by contacting us for more information.