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Synchronicity between public relations and marketing programs

Posted by on Sep 29, 2011

No matter what size your business is, deciding where to spend money to promote your business and the product or services it provides is a sensitive matter.  You need to make smart decisions about spending money on marketing and public relations activities.

We recently were engaged by an organization to develop a marketing plan to promote their product and services to their target market.  The usual questions arose, what type of marketing or public relation tactics should we present to the client?

Today’s consumer is more engaged with the products they purchase and the services they use.  With the information that is available to them, they can compare products, provide feedback and interact with other consumers who have experienced your product or service.  Consumers want to feel connected to the brands of the business they interact with like never before and they can do it in an instant.  Given the current day complexity of this interaction, organizations have to pay more attention to what marketing and public relations programs they are spending their money on.

Marketing programs traditionally focus on promoting a product or service through various engagement tactics, advertising campaigns and direct marketing initiatives with a focus on driving the consumer to directly purchase a product or service.  Public relations efforts are about building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders that may or may not have a direct impact on the bottom line.  These people may make or break your business’ reputation and ultimately impact on the success of your business however they may not be engaging in your product or services in the foreseeable future.

Ultimately the key will be to devise a plan that builds your brand through a strategic long term public relations effort while creating and implementing measurable marketing programs that compliment the public relations strategy.    This will ensure you are developing a voice for your brand while driving key consumers to purchase your product or service thus ensuring a blended PR and marketing plan within your budget.

What kind of plans have you created that harmoniously integrate your public relations efforts with marketing initiatives?