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Sure-fire ways to irritate your email list

Posted by on Nov 24, 2011

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool.  It can help to connect with existing customers, distribute new content, nurture projects and generate incremental leads for your business.  However, email can be tricky…there is a fine line between providing updates and valuable content to your base, and just ticking them off.

As you create your email marketing strategy, here is a checklist to avoid rubbing your email recipients the wrong way:

  • Violating CAN-SPAM laws
    • Emailing those who have already opted out of your database or not providing an opt-out for continued communication will not only make your email recipients angry, but can lead to legal issues.  Make sure you understand and adhere to CAN-SPAM legislation
  • Failing to include your company logo or visual brand recognition
    • Not including a company logo or visually identifiable image that customers automatically associate with your brand could lead them to believe they have received spam, and prevent your consumer base from reading your content
  • Having nothing to offer
    • You should never email your customer base simply for the sake of emailing them.  People open business related email because they expect to uncover some value, whether it is a special offer, premium content, a discount/coupon or an exclusive opportunity.
  • Not segmenting your list
    • Most likely your current offer, content or update does not apply to your entire contact list, and your products and services cater to different portions of your customer base.  Segment your list into various groups to send more personalized emails that target the specific needs of your customers.
  • Omitting sharing buttons or social media links
    • Once you have gotten the reader past the hurdle of reading the email and valuing its content, don’t make it difficult for them to share it!  If a recipient has to copy/paste links within your email to send to colleagues or promote on social media you are minimizing your potential to gain incremental leads.  Include social media and sharing links in every email to allow your recipients to spread your message with ease.

Review your email programs to ensure you aren’t sending the wrong message to existing or potential customers.