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Step 4 of B2B marketing: At the right time

Posted by on Jul 2, 2018

This is the fourth and final step in the Imaginis B2B marketing process. After the first three steps, you know who you’re speaking to, where they consume content and what kind of information will resonate. For this final step, you’re focused on the when. Your goal is to convert – to drive prospects through to a sale – in a timely fashion.

Nurture leads into clients

The previous 3 steps helped you gather the right content in the right medium to generate reach (driving clients to your website) and enable action (encouraging engagement and signups to generate leads). Now we need to nurture and convert those leads.

Now you want to establish rapport. One way is through a series of emails designed to build awareness and connection, strategically triggered at different intervals. These emails might include:

  • General welcome/introduction email
  • Email encouraging a connection on social media
  • Gated content for which the lead provided contact details
  • Time-limited discount or bonus.

A second technique is to nurture leads through seemingly random content and offers. This can include other whitepapers, webinars, videos or newsletters that help your leads through each step of their buying process.

Now we have the sequences – what about the timing?

The best place to start is to look at your existing clients. How long did they take to go from knowing they had a problem to making their buying decision? If you’re unsure, ask a client or two a few questions to get a better understanding. Make your questions as simple as you can.

Once you’ve created the timing and flow, it’s time to think about your delivery mechanism. How will you get this content to your prospects? By email, on your website, through social media?

Your goal is to automate what you can without losing personalization and feel. It’s both an art and a science and you’ll improve with practice. You’ll also need to identify a trigger point at the end of your process that notifies the marketing and sales team that a lead is now ready to be contacted directly. This trigger could include opening a specific email, clicking a link in an email, signing up for a demo or presentation, and so on.

There are various free and paid marketing automation tools to help you out! At Imaginis, we find that most clients start with a free tool. Some stick with that, some move to a premium (paid) form of the free tool, and others move on to pure paid. To some extent, the choice depends on the type of service or product you offer, and price point, and the number of prospects you need to keep your business growing.

Experimenting to find what resonates best – never stop learning

Whether you use a paid marketing automation software integrated into your CRM or a free tool such as MailChimp – monitor monitor monitor! Learn from your successes and your failures. Regularly make small tweaks to encourage your prospects to continue along the way.

This need to monitor is also true of the four steps of B2B marketing. You want to constantly evaluate and improve how you’re moving prospects into leads and leads into clients.

A word to the wise – don’t overcomplicate your process at the outset. Start with one buyer profile, one key message, and one piece of content at each stage in the buyer process. Expand your offering as you realize success.

And always remember, well before the other person’s sales resource reaches out … you want to be nurturing leads to make sure you’re the top brand in a buyer’s mind.

If you have any questions about our marketing process or how Imaginis can support you with your marketing goals, reach out to Sean or Melanie by contacting us here so we can help you connect with the right audience, with the right message, in the right medium at the right time!