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If you really want to help your customers get the results they want, listen. The Imaginis Manifesto

What is marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is the organized design of your marketing ideas, the formulation of your approach, and the planning of how you should execute.

Most importantly, it is the process of accurately defining your target markets.  Equipped with the knowledge of your target, you are ready to take them on the journey from brand awareness to repeat customer to brand evangelist.

At Imaginis, we begin the strategic marketing process with a simple but underrated exercise:  listening to you.

We listen to you explain your organizational goals and how you think your products and services fit in.  Then we craft a marketing strategy that will, along the way to fulfilling these goals, capture new business opportunities and revenues.

Market Analysis
• Uncovering new markets and industry opportunities
• Identifying revenue opportunities in new and existing sectors

Competitive Intelligence
• Revealing your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and next moves
• Determining market opportunities and target organizations in select market verticals

Brand Awareness
• Developing a brand foundation that resonates with all stakeholders
• Ensuring all communications consistently articulate your unique values

Lead Generation
• Generating new business opportunities and methods of gaining valuable market share
• Positioning your company as customers’ number-one choice

Sales Strategy
• Ensuring that sales teams are armed with the right tools to execute their sales tactics
• Coordinating marketing and incentive campaigns that allow sales teams to convert leads into paid business