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Investor Marketing

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Investor Marketing

The language of the Street
The language of the Street is like no other. It’s shaped by a near-infinite number of players, possibilities, and permutations. Wrapped in a high-buzz high-beta culture that’s not easy for outsiders to grasp.

Ian Hogg’s roots in the industry reach back 40+ years. His strong ties to Bay Street and unique relationship with some 35 institutional investors are based on a remarkable track record of successful turnarounds and IPOs.

Generally today, some 80% or more of a company’s stock is typically held by insiders and institutions. Your IR people need to know how to talk to the buy-side portfolio managers and the sell-side analysts. These people hold the keys to your future.

Creating shareholder value
We create shareholder value by building confidence in our clients’ business. We increase the confidence of investors by staying in touch and presenting well.

We add to liquidity by exposing the story to traders and getting them to participate in the stock. We speak their language.

We work with and answer the questions of the analysts. And we make introductions – we’ll help your C-suite get in front of the people that hold the real buying power.

The market runs on confidence. We help you capture your fair share.

Speaking truth to power: the market for good stories
Investor marketing lives and dies on the power of a good story. Communicating clearly, concisely, and compellingly. We tell our clients’ stories in a way that taps into the hearts and minds of investors – even the most hardened and cynical.

Silence speaks volumes!
In any situation, silence is the wrong message. We help our clients to stay in touch with investors, regardless of events. We liaise with research analysts, talk to trading desks. We help you to deliver difficult messages. The communication is constant.

It’s just a more efficient system
Having investment and marketing expertise under one roof is simply a more efficient system. You’re not spending twice. You’re not dealing with divisions. You’re working with a cohesive team that speaks the language of investors and knows how to communicate clearly and powerfully.

Efficient markets … efficient marketing.