Financially Responsible Marketing


When marketing is done right, it’s hard to go wrong. The Imaginis Manifesto

Our three core services:


Marketing Strategy Services
Marketing Strategy

Excellent marketing is the foundation for business development; your marketing strategy is the foundation for excellent marketing. Get your strategy straight and everything else falls into place. You’ll nail your competitive edge, your opportunities, and your target market … every sales and marketing initiative you take gets a whole lot easier. read more

Investor Marketing

We’re innovators here! You get top-flight marketing, deep investment expertise, and independence from the TSX – all under one roof. Say goodbye to doing the work twice and dealing with the divisions between your IR and marketing team. Our IR support services deliver a seamless combination of investment and marketing expertise. Our IR leader has managed a number of successful turnarounds and IPOs; our marketing experts have worked with some of North America’s largest companies. read more

Project Control Services
Project Execution

First, you get creative approaches to market planning, always with ROI in mind. Then we track and measure the performance of your marketing initiatives with metrics we choose together – while keeping your budget in check. We can support your internal resources, or take on the marketing role ourselves. You make the call. read more