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Returning To A Routine

Posted by on Sep 4, 2012

With September looming around the corner, how do you let go of those languid Summer days and return to your standard routine both in and out of the office?

Summer is sweet.  It’s full of pleasant days, extended evenings of socializing, visiting friends and relatives, escapes to cottages, late night BBQ and long weekend adventures.  But eventually, as the sunsets come a little earlier and evenings call for a light sweater, it begins to feel like time to return to familiar routines.  Whether it’s reminiscent of our own scholastic days or due to our children adhering to the educational timeline, September often feels like the beginning of the year and signifies a need for routine and increased productivity. It can be difficult to switch back to a more regimented lifestyle, especially when Summer seems to end so abruptly.

Here are some considerations to help you re-establish a routine and increase productivity:

  • Evaluate your schedule
    • Returning to ‘routine’ doesn’t mean you must return to the SAME routine year after year.  Take inventory of your calendar including business, social and personal obligations, and identify your priorities in each category
    • In the office start with your recurring meeting schedule – identify the purpose of each meeting, the frequency it should be occurring, review attendance and identify any repetitions in your calendar that could be reduced and made more efficient
    • In your personal life identify your priorities – whether its time at the gym, family requirements, daycare/school obligations, extracurricular activities or personal time, ensure that these needs are reasonably met on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.
  • Create a usable agenda
    • Take the time to input all of your activities into a calendar so you have a visual representation of your entire schedule to truly understand your obligations.  If possible colour-code your agenda to identify recurring events – meetings, school/family schedule, fitness/extracurricular sports etc.
    • Once your obligatory events are entered into your agenda review your schedule from a weekly and monthly perspective and be sure to add personal items as well – special date nights with your partner, social time with friends, one on one time with those closest to you or spa/relaxation days for yourself.  If your calendar doesn’t allow for ad hoc personal space, re-evaluate your ‘obligations’ to ensure you are prioritizing correctly and making room for yourself
  • Identify goals and landmarks of achievement
    • Depending on how far you wandered from your regular schedule, you may have a bumpy road finding your way back.  Be realistic!  If it took 4 months to lose control of your agenda allow yourself some time to reclaim it.  Identify immediate goals which have to be attended to – getting a new project on line, or school/daycare routines.  Evaluate the less urgent elements of your routine and create a challenging but attainable schedule to get back in the game – start with 3 days a week at the gym or cooking 2 dinners at home.
    • Keep track of your progress.  By formalizing a plan and actively tracking your progression you will be more prone to stay on course and will have a visual representation of your achievements.

Identifying and maintaining a routine can help to increase productivity while creating more free time and peace of mind.  Speak with the experts at Imaginis Marketing to help build and execute a strategic routine for your company.