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Planning a big meeting or event?

Posted by on Aug 18, 2011

The best events look effortless, but anyone who has put together an important meeting, gathering or convention knows how much planning and hard work goes into creating a smooth execution.  As the designated meeting/event planner it’s your responsibility to make sure that the smallest details are taken into consideration and nothing is left to chance! 

Before your next important meeting or gathering, think about the 5 Cs of event planning:

  • Coordinate multiple tasks
    • When you organize an event you need to keep track of several variables at once and be able to keep all parts of your plan moving forward toward the big day.  Find out what you can do to start immediately and stay on track.
  • Communicate clearly and follow up
    • Excellent communication skills are an asset in any work environment, but essential when dealing with several vendors for an event or meeting.  Ensure your communication is clear so everyone knows what to do and when deliverables are required.  Develop a tracking file and reminders so all parties are aware of important dates, and problems can be detected and avoided before they reach a critical point
  • Choose the right team
    • Identify the skills you require to launch a successful event before building your team.  The right people can make all the difference in delivering a successful experience
  • Create a project plan
    • Create a blue print of everything that must be accomplished and each detail that has to be handled.  Identify the lead time on each element, and backdate your event tracker to include all deliverables and timeframes.
  • Control the big day
    • Even the best-laid plans can lead to surprises if set-up, tear down, traffic flow and other issues aren’t carefully considered in advance.  Walk-through your event space considering all aspects from a variety of perspectives including your guests, caterer, delivery requirements and safety plan.

Make the most 5 Cs guidance tool to ensure you are ready for your next big event!