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Nurturing Sales Leads

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012

Lead generation is a key component for brand growth, but without proper nurturing many new leads are lost when they are handed off to the sales team while they are underdeveloped and not yet ready to make a purchase decision.
The role of many marketing campaigns is to create interest in your company, build confidence in your brand, improve share of voice, and generate new leads to support your sales team and increase revenue for your business. By taking the extra time to better prepare new leads for the sales conversation, your sales team will be more effective in completing purchase orders and more efficient in the use of their time and skill set.


Here are some tips to help nurture new leads and ensure they are ready to enter your sales cycle:

  • Evaluate where your customer is in the sales cycle
  • With the increased use of CRM and other marketing automations, organizations are much more aware of when a potential customer is engaging in content.  However, a rospect who visits a website or even downloads a case study or white paper is a ‘responder’ and not necessarily ready to be handed off to the sales team for follow up.
  • Identify how your customers make their purchase decisions to understand when they should be engaged by a sales agent.  Most consumers initially engage in research before making a purchase decision.  Instead of sending your sales team in hot pursuit after an initial communication touch-point, consider following up with thoughtful content and begin relationship building with helpful information instead.
  • Create content that supports your buying cycle
  • Consider the information new customers are looking for throughout the buying cycle and develop your marketing campaign to reflect what new buyers are seeking.  By providing the information that helps to shape and guide a purchasing decision, you can encourage consumers into the sales cycle and prime them for contact by a member of your sales team.  Sales can now play a more critical role in establishing a relationship by answering questions, providing options and customizing the purchase to meet the specific needs of the consumer.
  • Allow the customer to indicate when they want sales advice
  • With the wealth of content available, savvy buyers are in control of their own information gathering and decision making process.  Modern consumers don’t like to feel they are being ‘sold to’ and sales personnel don’t want to waste their time following up on underdeveloped leads.  By adding a call to action option on all nurturing communication, you allow the potential buyer the option of reaching out to a member of sales when they are in need of additional support and closer to a purchasing decision.  This will allow the sales team to apply themselves more efficiently and become more committed to following up with potential leads when required.

Nurturing leads will ensure that your sales team engages with quality prospects and will improve efficiencies in your sales cycle.  Consult the experts at Imaginis Marketing Inc to learn how to generate and nurture your important sales leads and better support your sales channel.