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How to communicate with tact and professionalism

Posted by on Aug 25, 2011

Good interpersonal skills are worth their weight in gold.  Whether you are discussing a performance review, speaking to your team about a new idea or leading an important presentation to your colleagues or clients, the ability to effectively communicate your ideas is critical.  Group speaking, even one-on-one communication can often be intimidating.

Take a moment to consider the following when engaging in your next professional conversation:

  • Tailor your message to suit your audience and appeal to their sensibilities.  When trying to launch a multi-faceted platform, several groups may be required to ‘buy-in’ to the process.  Ensure you are aware of the requirements and benefits to each participant and adjust your pitch to appeal to the most salient aspects of the proposal for each.
  • Disarm others ‘hot buttons’ and put the situation at ease – even in the heat of an argument.  By remaining composed and non-reactionary you can often deflate a potentially heated situation by asking clarifying questions and trying to view the situation from an alternate perspective.
  • Ensure your voice is heard without being over-bearing or domineering.  Open conversations can lead to a whirlwind of verbiage in which one can easily lose their voice.  Choose your points carefully, be concise with your words and clear in your delivery to achieve the greatest impact.
  • Conversations are as much about listening as they are about speaking.  Allow others’ points to come forward and ask questions to provide clarification before providing feedback.

By working on your communications strategies, you can gain additional insight or ideation buy in with your colleagues perhaps where you might not of before. Not every conversation will be fruitful but with improved communication skills you can navigate interactions more effectively.