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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012

As B2C marketing hits its peak during the next few months and consumerism soars, the B2B marketer can take some cues from B2C Holiday marketing tactics.

The holiday marketing season is rapidly approaching, and your Marketing group should be in the process of finalizing holiday strategies. Although successful marketing tactics and strategies carry over from year-to-year, in this age of accelerated change each season offers new wrinkles on old ideas and sometimes completely new marketing channels and technologies.  B2C marketing techniques shine in the coming season, and there is no better time to take a page from B2C to enhance your B2B campaign.

Here are some points to consider while planning your Holiday Marketing Strategy

  • Simple discount pricing doesn’t necessarily translate into higher return
    • Consumers are price sensitive, especially in a season of increased spending, but they need more than a lower price tag to support your brand.
    • To maximize revenue, retailers provide gift ideas at every price point.  Be thoughtful in your pricing strategies – make your consumers feel you have given thought to their particular need structure by developing products or services to fit every budget in your business
    • Holiday packages are hot sellers this time of year because they take the ‘thinking’ out of buying.  Utilize this strategy by looking for ways to take the ‘thinking’ out of buying your product by pre-packaging complimentary products or services to make purchasing easier for your customers
  • Go beyond the value and sell the heart of your product
    • During the Holiday season consumers are driven by emotion more than any other time of year.  Beyond the pragmatic benefits your product or service provides exists an emotional core – uncover that benefit and make your consumers aware of it.
    • By creating efficiencies in a customer’s schedule you are really providing free time to spend with friends and family, or uncovering cost savings that could be re-directed to get your customer closer to that great vacation or coveted special purchase
  • Evolve your online and social media strategy form 2011 to 2012
    • As online, social and mobile purchasing are on the rise, expectations that these trends will continue to grow throughout the 2012 Holiday season can have significant impact on revenue streams.  Ensure your brand is visible on these platforms and be aware of major shifts in consumer experiences.
    • Some trends to keep in mind include:
      • Retargeting your website visitors to increase the opportunity for sales conversions and improve brand recognition
      • Facebook’s advertising platform is shifting the focus from ‘likes’ to actual sales and revenue
      • Advertising strategies targeting specific devices including iPad and other tablets

The Holiday season can have a profound impact on your annual sales and overall success of your business.  Contact the experts at Imaginis Marketing to discuss strategies and tactics to ensure your Holiday Marketing campaigns garner the results your company needs to succeed.

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