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Holiday Marketing Strategies

Posted by on Nov 26, 2012

As the Holiday season ramps up, digital marketing strategies are increasingly important to ensure your brand stays ahead of the curve and garners optimal return in the competitive holiday market.

The influence of digital media is at an all-time high, and advertisers are conscientiously engaging consumers as they utilize online resources to investigate holiday product offerings and conduct research to assist in making purchase decisions well before walking into a store.  Driving a successful digital ad campaign is important for the holiday season, but these strategies can be utilized throughout the calendar year to connect with your target audience and engage your consumer on multiple platforms.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your online Holiday marketing strategy:

  • Be present on mobile and/or tablet
    • With the continued growth in mobile usage, consumers have their devices at their fingertips to search content, compare products and assist in making purchase decisions.  This year, the tablet appears to be the frontrunner when it comes to holiday purchasing via mobile devices.  According to some recent statistics, tablet users have doubled since last year, and have become the ‘go to’ device for web engagement and consumer research.
    • Ensuring that your holiday marketing campaign incorporates a mobile strategy can help to improve your share of voice and may lead to major sales this holiday season
  • Solidify your presence on multiple platforms
    • Savvy consumers spend considerable time researching before making any purchasing decisions, particularly in an age when we are spending so much time online.  When executing your digital holiday campaign, it’s important to create a cross-channel advertising experience for your consumers to ensure you can connect with your target audience on any device they are engaged with.
    • Consider an integrated marketing approach for your holiday strategy developing a consistent message across all social, mobile, email and content platforms
  • As images of Pinterest danced in their heads….
    • Pinterest is one of the hottest social media platforms this year with engagement increasing daily.  Incorporating enticing product images on your Pinterest account can create an effective call to action for your holiday marketing campaign by making your consumers feel like they ‘just have to have’ a particular item.
    • A cost effective rich-media campaign can be created using Pinterest, enabling the consumer to scroll through your entire holiday product offering, selecting their favourites and sharing ideas with friends and contacts.  This allows consumers to continue to engage with your brand, and promote your advertising strategy on your behalf.
  • Represent your company, don’t just be present
    • Although it’s important to know where your messaging needs to be, the messaging itself is still the most important aspect of your online holiday marketing strategy.  Use richer, more interactive formats with informative content to create a memorable experience for your consumers and garner optimal results.  Incorporate compelling creative, products details, product browsing, dynamic interfaces and additional ideas on how your product or service can be utilized by your customer.

With the holiday season upon us, consult the experts at Imaginis Marketing to fine tune your online Holiday marketing strategy and optimize your seasonal return.