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Get involved with your community

Posted by on Mar 29, 2012

Corporate community engagement is an important investment in the evolution of a growing brand as it works to build trust, establishes strategic partnerships and allows the brand to better understand the needs of its core customer.

People buy products and services from companies they know and trust and continue to refer those companies to friends and associates.  By investing time and resources into community initiatives you create awareness about your brand, but more importantly develop relationships with influential individuals within your community who may become brand advocates for you in the future

Here are some tips for success when engaging your local community

Invest in your Community

  • Local events are an important part of bringing a community together, and allow your brand to connect on a personal level to the key decision makers and influential members of your community.  Proactive event participation can greatly enhance your company’s profile in your community
  • There are many different ways to get involved, such as being an exhibitor at a major annual event, becoming a sponsor at an event tied directly to your industry, become a speaker or presenter at someone else’s event or host your own community appreciation event
  • Get to know your neighbours – think about hosting a coffee morning or wine & cheese evening and invite local business owners to drop by.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself and widen your pool of contacts.  Who knows what it could lead to?

Tap into your current set of customers

  • One of the best ways to increase local business is to reach out to your existing customer base.  Create a forum which allows your customer to easily communicate what they appreciate about your service, why they have referred business to you in the past, and even what you can do to improve.  Consider organizing an advisory board with some of your best clients – it’s an excellent way to get further insight into your customer’s mindset, while showing appreciation for their loyalty and value in their opinions

Seek out community leaders

  • Local communities have leaders, influencers and taste-makers.  It may be a real estate agent who has their finger on the pulse of the community, a long standing member of a community improvement group or the local health practitioner.  These key influencers, along with their network of contacts, may represent a plethora of new business opportunities.  Get to know them, so they can get to know you and better understand the services your company can provide

Get involved in the local school system

  • Whether you have children or not, becoming involved with the local education system is an excellent way to meet influential families in your community.  Offer to speak at a high school event about a topic relevant to your industry or career day initiative, or sponsor a car wash or recycling drive to assist in raising money for a student cause.  Associating your company with the positive virtues of hard work, dedication and education is an excellent way to enhance your local image

Creating awareness and cultivating a positive reputation amongst your local community is vital to the success of any brand.  Allow the experts at Imaginis Marketing Inc to create a community engagement platform for your company and gain customer loyalty, increased brand exposure and improved referral rates.