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Enhancing Social Media

Posted by on Jun 7, 2012

As Social Media continues to grow, develop and emerge as a powerful marketing tool, it’s no longer sufficient to be ‘present’ in the Social Media web space.  How do you ensure that your corporate message is meaningful, and your brand is effectively connecting to your target audience?

Your investment of both resources and finances into a Social Media campaign should garner a favourable return and support the corporate goals and image of your company, while engaging new customers and creating a dialogue about your brand.

Here are some key learnings on Social Media that you can implement for your business right away

  • Be more than ‘liked’.  Be engaging.
    • Although many people evaluate their Social Media success on how many ‘likes’ they received, the real goal for Facebook and other Social Media platforms isn’t just for people to throw a thumbs up in acknowledgment.  It’s about getting your customer to take action and become actively engaged in your product.
    • To facilitate the greatest interaction, find the common interests that your brand’s audience shares and provide the content that will generate their interaction and involvement.  By engaging your consumer you will provide them with a greater sense of what your company stands for, and make your brand top of mind when they need to make a purchasing decision.
  • Give before you get
    • You must provide things of value to your followers on Social Media.  Instead of just asking for a sale, give your consumers thoughts, ideas, information and tweets worth re-tweeting.  Content isn’t great until it’s shared!  Provide your audience information that is of value to them – they will listen to what you have to say, and you will naturally start getting the attention you want from your key consumer group.
  • Uncover your customer’s dreams and sell them!
    • With Social Media the medium is the message.  An idea or thought you might share via email might not be as well accepted when tweeted or seen on a Facebook wall.  Selling the dream doesn’t necessarily mean the product itself – it’s what the product represents to your consumer.  Sell the fun, the awe, the satisfaction, the sense of belonging, the happiness and the enjoyment your product offers.  Ensure that what you share with your audience creates an emotional connection and it will be memorable.
  • What can be searched, can be found and optimized!
    • Any content that can be found on the internet can be optimized for enhanced searchability via the web.  By using the right keywords, tags and phrases on your blog posting, video or website, you will ensure that the consumer who is searching for you will find you.
    • Know what your consumer is looking for and how they go about uncovering their information.  There is always a vehicle to enhance your content by way of search engine optimization to allow the consumer to uncover your web site, videos, images or any other digital asset.

Effectively communicating with your audience in the Social Media space can create a robust consumer following including active participants in your brand’s development and growth.  Consult the Social Media team at Imaginis Marketing Inc to help take your social media to the next level of consumer engagement.