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Engaging a Marketing Firm for Seasonal Sales

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012

If the majority of your company’s revenue is tied to the seasonality of Spring and Summer, now is an excellent time to partner with a third party marketing firm to make the most of your shorter selling season.

The decision to outsource a marketing function can be both strategic and tactical, especially if your company has a limited selling cycle due to seasonality and/or weather conditions.  Many companies have a philosophy of outsourcing any activity that is not core to their business, and a third party marketing agency can champion your brand to the core consumer and make the most of your limited marketing opportunities.

Here’s how a third party Marketing Agency can assist your seasonal brand:


  • Maximize your resources
    • Many companies find themselves strapped for marketing resources when the sales/production cycle is at its’ peak.  This is a critical time for any company, especially those who rely on specific seasonality to boost sales and meet their annual targets.  By engaging a third party agency to oversee Marketing initiatives, your internal resources will be freed up to focus on what they do best in sales, production and business development.
  • You lack the specific expertise to meet your Marketing needs
    • Effective marketing programs require a wide range of expertise including strategists, analysts, communications professionals, event organizers, e-commerce experts, advertising specialists and copywriters.  Many product-driven companies, B2B companies and consumer products companies do not have the people with the requisite skill sets to accomplish effective marketing campaigns.  In a truncated sales cycle your marketing efforts must be concise, focused and efficient.  A third party Marketing Agency can help you connect with your consumer by understanding them – their demographics, preferences and buying criteria.
  • You require specific technology
    • In this high-tech age, marketing campaigns are notoriously technology driven and many companies lack the resources or band-width to ensure that the Marketing team’s initiatives don’t fall to the bottom of the IT department’s priority list.  Partnering with a Marketing Agency can allow your company to gain access to an integrated, technology-rich set of marketing applications at a much lower cost than developing these platforms internally.
  • Benchmark your company against Best Practices
    • Whether you choose to outsource a portion of your Marketing strategy, such as public relations, or decide to engage a partner to facilitate all Marketing operations, you will certainly be entrusting your initiatives to a company that has done it before.  The experience gained by supporting several companies is key to deriving best practices, not only in the form of employees, but in data models, process flows, time management and budget tracking.  Building platforms from scratch in-house is possible, but it takes time – which may not be available during a seasonal sales cycle.  Engaging an expert provides immediate access to tenured experts who can analyze your Marketing needs and execute a plan effectively and efficiently.

Make the most of your brand this season by ensuring your Marketing initiatives connect with your target demographic and speak to the strengths of your brand.  At Imaginis Marketing Inc we can make the best of your sales season and translate it into improved brand awareness, increased market share and elevate your sales channel to the next level.  Is there a special project you are considering that we can assist with?