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Effective customer engagement

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011

I was recently walking through a shopping centre and noticed all the holiday promotions ramping up.  There were a few temporary installations to intercept the mall traffic.  One particular sleek set-up caught my attention.  A kiosk had been constructed by a Telecommunications retailer to attract potential customers to try out the latest product offerings.  As mall patrons interacted with the product displays, promotional reps stood by supervising.  Other shoppers used the expansive area to lounge and take a break while a few kids made it their playground.  It wasn’t clear on the value of the experience to the targeted consumer or the return on investment to the retailer.  The consumers who were interacting with the product walked away with no more than a soft sales pitch.  How was success measured?  Why invest valuable marketing budget unless you are creating a meaningful brand experience and engaging your target consumer in a way that will lead to increased product awareness and potential revenue lift?

Below are tips to enhance holiday programs and build valuable relationships with a target market:

  1. Listen to your customer:  ask them questions to better understand the value propositions they are looking for and ensure that your product is delivering on those needs
  2. ENGAGE!  Attract customers to your booth or retail space.  Allow them to interact with your product in a meaningful way so they have a tactile understanding of the benefits your product provides
  3. Maximize your space.  Don’t leave opportunities for others to take advantage of the relationship you create with your target market.  Ensure that your retail experience creates an effective and simple experience from customer contact through to the final sales transaction.
  4. Deliver on more than just the basics.  Many customers are very specific on their needs, but by providing complimentary products and services to your core offering, you can expand upon that initial interaction and improve the experience for the consumer and your business

In planning for the holiday season, how are your marketing programs going to be measured?