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Creating content your audience will crave

Posted by on Mar 8, 2012

Do you want to launch an engaging Content Marketing campaign, but are unsure how to create content that your readers crave, consume, share and act on?  It can be a daunting task, even for professional writers.

Initiating a Content Marketing strategy can enhance your brand, convert sales or initiate a sales process by creating a buzz around your products and services and engaging your stakeholders more meaningfully.  Here are some ways to ensure your content marketing campaign remains fresh, on point and diverse:

Curate your materials

  • Content Marketing is about creating a resource for your readers to learn more about your products and services and the industry in general.  It may seem counter-intuitive to refer to other sources on your collateral, but by sharing information and creating a platform for learning, you are establishing your site and your brand, as industry leaders.  Compile a list of top resources relating to your material and use them as references for your postings.  Your readers will continue to utilize your website/blog/email as their base for useful content and view your company as an expert source.

Ask your readers

  • Content Marketing should engage your readers.  Your clients, readers, partners and associates each have areas of expertise or are looking for guidance in specific areas of your business.  Ask your readers what they wish to learn about from your site or ask them a question to get some feedback.  In doing so (and of course ensuring you follow up on their request!) you not only build trust, but you provide a useful medium for your audience to return to, thus creating strong brand awareness and product loyalty.

Repurpose your developed content to extend market impact

  • Stop trying to re-invent the wheel each month.  Instead create one piece of content for an activity or period and re-edit it for to be used in different communication channels.  Taking a new product release as an example, start with the creation an in-depth press release announcing the launch and the product.  The utilize the press release as the foundation for spin-off content – for example by creating a drip email initiative which highlights various aspects of the release and targets different market segments.  By wordsmithing each email and creating links to other relevant content, blog postings can be created from each email, which can be consolidated to produce a capabilities brochure for mass distribution.

Create content without creating

  • Writing content is not always about coming up with something completely new.  Some of the best blog posts come from your own corporate experience.  These can include meaningful history from your company such as best-case studies or even worst-case studies which impart lessons learned and insight into mitigating issues.  Sharing your successes, writing about your biggest challenges, or incorporating product reviews and insights into industry related services can all provide excellent sources for content.

Content Marketing campaigns require a consistent level of effort, but by listening to your readers, sharing your experiences and managing your resources wisely, this powerful vehicle can lead to increased market share, lead generation, increased sales and meaningful engagement with your target audience.  Contact us at Imaginis if you need guidance navigating through the options