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Creating an inbound sales pipeline

Posted by on Aug 11, 2011

Creating a robust, profitable inbound sales pipeline is one of the most important factors in the success of any sales department. While closing is important, without a healthy business pipeline injecting quality prospects to your business, deal closure is minimized.

At the front end of your inbound sales pipeline is your ability to generate quality leads.  Instead of having a funnel, where you try to mass communicate in hopes of attracting a small fraction of interested parties, build a pipeline which specifically appeals to profitable prospects. 

Look at your most valued customers to recognize their traits, categorize commonalities in their behaviors and identify where they spend their time.  Review your marketing collateral to ensure you are effectively communicating the business propositions most valued by this key group, and utilize the power of social media and on-line marketing to target quality prospects based on these variables. 

Once engaged, begin a two way conversation to move prospects along the buying process, and leverage the power of content marketing to solidify your value proposition and increase their velocity through your purchasing process.  The result is that you are always engaged in a meaningful conversation with your prospects, and providing guidance through the entire sales cycle.

Fall is quickly approaching so take advantage of the slower summer months as an opportunity to fill your pipeline. What tools do you use to connect with your prospects?