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Choosing an agency

Posted by on Jul 22, 2011

Are you looking to engage an Agency for the first time, or perhaps your business has grown beyond the relationship with your current Agency?  It can be difficult to assess what your company needs are and exactly how an Agency can effectively improve your marketing, advertising and/or consumer engagement strategies.  Here are some things to keep in mind when investigating potential Agencies and your initial meetings:

  • Review all aspects of your business which are customer facing including traditional advertising (print, radio, television), web platforms, social media, direct mail pieces, field collateral, retail display and general information collateral
  • Review the current strategies behind your business and identify areas for improvement including ideation strategies, digital design platforms, grass-roots marketing, brand development, national/local media awareness and social marketing campaigns
  • For all areas you wish to engage your Agency, request information on whether or not the design/print/execution facilities are in-house or contracted out.  Every third party contract will be obtained at a premium and increase your fee structure
  • Request set terms on retainer fees including the frequency of projects, agency hours, and all costs associated with idea creation, strategy, artistic direction, development, printing, shipping, translation and end-product execution.  A good practice is to provide details on an actual project (past or pending) and have your potential Agency provide a full quote including expenses and delivery
  • If you require multi-level engagement, look for a full service Agency which can cover all your needs, and help to ensure consistent branding and core messaging across all platforms.

Do you currently work with an agency?  How did your relationship come to be?