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Do you have a mentor … Are you a mentor … Can you be both?

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017

We entrepreneurs hear a lot about a mentor being a key relationship that can catapult our business to new heights. Study after study shows that the most sterling success stories have a mentor to guide them. And it makes sense – who doesn’t need support? And why reinvent the wheel? The question is … what exactly is a mentor? And how do you find one?   Mentorship myths Here are three to start with: Myth 1 A mentor is someone who takes you under their wing, protects you and feeds you. Out of the goodness of their heart. Reality: The mentor/mentee relationship works both ways. Good mentors...

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Ask yourself these 3 questions about your long-term approach to networking

Posted by on Nov 23, 2016

Question: Why is it that it that building a lasting business relationship seems to require battling with a crisis first? Answer: Fighting side by side builds bonds – ask anyone in the military. But it’s more than worthwhile to prioritize the process of cultivating strong relationships in the absence of crisis. It’s true, we can get by without strong relationships on a sunny day. But they come in handy at every turn or obstacle in the road. Think of your network as working capital, resources, a solid foundation. A business necessity, at the end of the day. Men typically have advantages in...

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