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Healthcare is hopping – on the digital front

Posted by on May 18, 2016

The digital influence has been upending industries and institutions for decades. Now it’s healthcare’s turn. Check out our Spring Newsletter here. It’s packed with, exciting innovations, and medical ideas you’ve never heard of – homegrown in Canada! The new $2.7-billion Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is a perfect example … wireless, automatic updating of patient records … self-check-in, through kiosks … and a massive, ice-storm-proof data room. Plus wearable sensors, and drug-mixing robots. One of the most interesting things about the hospital is the change in design focus. “They’ve...

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Where does marketing sit in the IPO process? Front and centre!

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016

Too often, when a new company initiates an IPO, prospective stakeholders gripe that the business lacks the communication tools to successfully go public. And they’re right! When you decide to go public, you need that well-packaged, focused story to differentiate yourself from the competition. To demonstrate your hard-working management team. But how? Your slides aren’t working. Your story isn’t selling. And you don’t know why.   You’re targeting a new, different audience Your objective, as in every marketing effort, is to tell a clear story to build interest and awareness. Just as you...

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Why invest in marketing? My business doesn’t need it!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015

You’ve grown a successful business. You have worked hard over the years with your head down, perfecting your service offering. You identified a need in the market early and addressed it … better than most. There is no fluff – you are the real deal. Combining the ingredients of your proprietary knowledge, your skillset, or maybe just the work ethic of an elite athlete, you created a recipe for success. A peacock. Without applause. Recently, having come this far, you stuck your head up to view the landscape. Kudos to you, you should be proud …  like a peacock spreading its feathers …...

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Is the TSXV Still Relevant in 2015?

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015

  I’ve been involved with the TSX since the 1970s. My first Capital Pool transaction was in 1997.   There’s been volatility in the perception of the TSX over that time. In the mid 70s, it was the world’s leader in trading consoles. In the 90s, havoc ensued when computer trading couldn’t keep pace with volume. But every time there were problems, the exchanges bounced back and moved forward. Even the out-of-control mining markets have been brought in line; it’s no longer the Wild West. The merge of the Alberta Stock Exchange and the Vancouver Stock Exchange, and the subsequent...

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How to Engage the Street: 5 Practical Tips

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015

For the C-Suite, the IPO process can give rise to considerable frustration. You find it difficult to catch the ear of investors, to engage the street. Yet you’ve got a real story to tell. To build your company to where you are today it’s taken hard work, smarts, time, luck, and good decisions. Why the deaf ears? To engage the street, you may have to move your focus a bit away from operations and the exciting new trails you’re blazing. And a bit closer to reasons why they can believe in ongoing, assured revenue and growth. Can you paint a clear picture of exactly how your company makes money?...

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Imaginis 2015 summer newsletter

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015

Click here to get your copy of Imaginis Summer Newsletter July 2015 Letter from the President Whenever I sit down with a CEO in the midst of the IPO process, I prepare to hear a considerable degree of frustration. The leader I’m speaking to has enjoyed impressive success building their private company, yet investors aren’t listening to their story. No question, there’s an auditory gap between micro-caps and the investor community. At Imaginis, we’re working to address that gap. Working with our chairman, Ian Hogg, we’ve spent almost two years creating building-blocks to help micro and small...

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