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Sponsorships – worth another look

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015

This month’s blog is written by Daniel Torchia, APR, Managing Director and Partner at Torchia Communications, a Public Relations agency and partner of Imaginis since 2003.  Torchia and Imaginis have collaborated on a number of projects, helping to plant seeds for our client’s successful business development.   As a communications professional who’s been exposed to agency life since my early teens, I’ve dabbled in almost every industry imaginable. While they’re all competitive and complex in their own right, in my opinion, the business of sponsorships is among the most cutthroat and...

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Business Community Involvment Part 2

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012

Understanding and appreciating the importance of Business Community Involvement is important, but the real question is how can my small business get involved in a meaningful way without compromising my limited resources? Community Involvement should create a win-win partnership between your business and the community platform(s) you choose to support.  Many businesses react to charitable requests as they are presented, and are lacking a formal plan or set of guidelines to follow.  Whether it costs your company in time, cash or product, ad-hoc management of any resource inevitably leads to...

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Your Business and Community Involvement – Part 1

Posted by on Aug 4, 2012

  Business community involvement is something most large, national companies engage in, but how can a small business compete in this arena and create an effective voice in their community? Many small businesses feel they don’t have the bandwidth or resources to embrace a role in their community and may not understand the value of engaging community support and creating a philanthropic presence.  With the movement of social media, the voice of the consumer has never been stronger, nor has the demand for personalized service been greater.  By engaging your small business in the community...

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