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The Future of Construction Post COVID-19

Posted by on Jun 18, 2020

The Future of Construction Post COVID-19

Last month, The Empire Club of Canada hosted a live webcast discussion about the changes in the construction industry as a result of  COVID-19. While every business and sector has been touched by the pandemic in some way, construction was hit especially hard in Ontario because it was deemed an essential service. Safety measures had to be put into place immediately and tradespeople had to decide whether they felt safe enough to return to work. The experts included were: Gianni Aggozino, President and Partner, Network Mechanical Inc.; President, Metropolitan Plumbing and Heating Contractors...

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Is marketing a black hole? Or the only path to real growth? Part 1 of 2

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

I never needed it before – why now? Here you are thriving, a successful enterprise. But you’re not sure where to invest to get to your next phase of growth. And you’re thinking of stepping into marketing? “Hey!” says your reluctant self, as it has for years. “We’ve built a successful business without that marketing investment! We have a great service/product that speaks for itself. Do we really need to go there?” Marketing is a badge of honour, an inevitable step in your march to success Here’s the pill you need to swallow as a successful small-medium business. Even with strong advocates for...

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The thing that everyone wants this holiday season!

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016

Whether you are tapping into your sales pipeline or reinvigorating relationships with customers, the holiday season is a great time to reach out.  An email or phone call might not cut the mustard and come across as too pushy or self-promoting.  However, if you give a little gift during the holiday season, it can be a boost to your brand’s presence with your audience and start a conversation. But what should you consider when deciding on what to use for your holiday promotional materials?  There are 3 key attributes that make promotional products successful.  An item that is unique.  Brand...

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Building a successful brand – an activity that pays off

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

Why is it that brand is something that is rarely or barely understood? Even in the world of marketing in which I live and breathe! To a surprising extent, those who do have a concept of brand think it’s a synonym for logo. (Wrong!) Others know it means more than that, but have difficulty going further. The problem gets worse with B2B. At least with consumer brands there’s a tangibility to the product (clothing, food, sports gear); we have an idea of what brand might mean. But with B2B, it’s a whole new arena – how do you define the brand of a logistics firm? A digital analytics agency? This...

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Define your UVP for marketing that drives results

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015

You and your UVP Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP), identifies what makes your organization unique – what you can do that no one else can. It’s a key component of developing your brand. Defining your UVP should inform every aspect of your marketing strategy, including your logo design and visual brand, and all aspects of your marketing outreach, including website, investor relations presentation, branded materials, and so on. Not to mention, it informs your customers as to why they should pick you over your competitor.   Take the time upfront – it pays off! Taking the time upfront to...

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Doing an M&A? Is brand part of the conversation?

Posted by on Jun 17, 2015

  Of all the decisions that senior executives move through before and during a merger, the branding one is often neglected or outright ignored. During the heat of a merger may not be the right time to have this conversation but have it you must. Branding is not only the platform for all communication but also the essence of your business; without a strong brand, communication suffers, mergers struggle. Mistrust builds; relationships become strained; synergies don’t appear. It’s no wonder M&As can erode value instead of build it. The time to have this conversation is with your newly...

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