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Building Trust Through Social Media

Posted by on Nov 12, 2012

Social Media marketing has been a hot topic for a few years, but can this media platform build trust and credibility in your brand to ultimately improve sales and positively affect your bottom line?
Trust is an important aspect in the development of any relationship.  Without trust, brands can only reach a certain level of commitment and engagement from the consumer.  Traditionally, many brands used PR strategies to reach out and build a trusting relationship with potential buyers.  In the digital age, Social Media is similar to traditional PR, but with the added benefits of being immediate and allowing a brand to interact directly with the consumer to create a real time dialogue.  Not only have the demographics for social media expanded drastically, but many social media platforms have become a trusted source of information for consumers researching products or services.

Here are some tips on how to build trust and credibility on you Social Media platforms:

  • Lead the discussion, don’t follow
    • Consumers use Social Media to research new products and services, thus creating a platform for a brand to communicate their expertise in their relative industry.  Build consumer trust in your Social Media space by providing content designed to provide value, teach, inform, entertain, initiate discussion and create content that people will share with others.  Simply spamming your Social Media platforms with ‘opportunities’ to purchase without providing additional value deteriorates credibility over time and will quickly cause a buyer to lose interest in your message.
    • Be transparent in your communications.  With today’s immediate access to information, people will be talking about any issues associated with your brand.  Embrace this reality and get involved by guiding the conversation Include direct feedback from senior executives to build open communication and foster trust in your brand.
  • Be accountable and responsive
    • When consumers are encouraged to reach out to your company via Social Media it’s important that they receive a timely and helpful response.  This is an excellent opportunity to provide premium service in front of a large and engaged audience.  Don’t shy away from customer complaints – address them head on.  These opportunities will show your brand to be accountable to the consumer, and can often turn into positive testimonials.  When consumers are handled with excellent, efficient care they often turn into brand advocates who will champion your message through other Social Media platforms.
  • Remember the ‘social’ in Social Media
    • Don’t always make it about your company – Social Media is a fun, interactive platform.  As babies learn through playing, Social Media users engage through entertainment.  Build and maintain trust by incorporating fun and creative ways to interact with your brand on Social Media platforms.  This may include apps, contests, videos, daily trivia or photos – the possibilities are endless
    • Build brand equity and trust by reminding your consumers you care about others as well.  Brands who exhibit social responsibility often gain deeper loyalty from their consumers by showing they aren’t just about profits.  Utilize Social Media platforms to highlight any community engagement, green initiatives or not for profit work your brand is involved with.  By including informative pictures, videos and links you can communicate your good deeds and allow the message to spread organically.

Move beyond ‘likes’.  Allow the team at Imaginis Marketing to develop a Social Media platform that builds trust and credibility in your brand to improve sales and grow your business.