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Building successful relationships

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011

Today’s business world is forever changing and complex.  As a female entrepreneur, the key to your success in launching and growing your own business is to develop a strong ‘support system’ comprised of strategic relationships, partnerships and alliances.  In doing so, you will strengthen your core offerings, increase your knowledge, elevate your position as an expert within your respective field and expand your reach in the market.

There are several ways to build business relationships, and the best way is through networking. Networking means using your creative talents to help others achieve their goals. The moment you cultivate a network of people and strategically position them, they work towards supporting you in your goals as well – without expecting anything in return!

Networking helps to build supportive personal and business relationships.  As busy female entrepreneurs, we can all use additional help and guidance in achieving that delicate balance between our professional work and personal time.  You will constantly come to meet new business associates and make new friends by sharing ideas.  At the same time, you’ll also be having a lot of fun with other like-minded female entrepreneurs and advancing the success of your business.

Here are a few tips to help you build better business relationships:

Define – Understand your purpose and goals before you go start building new business relationships.  This will enable you to clearly articulate your business offerings, their value and benefits to those you connect with.

Be open – Listen and be open to new ideas and suggestions to enhance your business and your network.   This is key to evolving your business, gaining new insight and leveraging new areas of expertise.

Be reliable – You should always be reliable and available when you are needed. You will find networking opportunities everywhere, so attend every industry function and meeting that you can.

Be an individual – Be yourself and always project your authenticity.  Define your ‘brand’ and communicate your unique value proposition!

Be attentive – Talk less and listen more.  This will help you better understand the needs of the market and your potential new customers.

Contribute – When you network, you should contribute something – so be prepared to help others help themselves.  Collaboration will expose you to exciting new opportunities for growth and strengthen your relationships with other like-minded individuals…positively impacting your bottom-line results!

Be polite – Say ‘thank you’ and express your gratitude when others help you.  Let them know your willingness to return the favour.  There will come a time that a favour and some much needed support is provided to you when you need it most.

Stay Connected – Always stay in touch with those who are supportive, via email or by phone.  Remember the people who have helped you!  Remain open and available for new opportunities, initiatives and ongoing collaboration.  Strength is in numbers…stay connected!