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Are you strategically valuable to your customers?

Posted by on Oct 6, 2011

Your clients appreciate several aspects of your business platform, but above all other things your clients care about VALUE.  To achieve better sales results and increased penetration into your customer base, you must become more valuable to your customers – strategically indispensable.  When this value is created, recognized and delivered, clients no longer see companies as vendors, but as partners in their business.

How can your company play a more important role in the lives of your target customer?

  • Start to play a new role in your interaction with your clients.  Instead of merely providing solutions to current problems, approach your relationship from a strategic perspective – looking beyond the immediate project and finding ways to incorporate your product/services into a longer term, comprehensive business solution that is mutually beneficial
  • Create a new mind-set, particularly with senior executives.  Many companies need to learn to let go of the old ways and embrace new approaches to sales and marketing techniques.  Add some industry insight to your presentations to educate your client on the added benefits of engaging the new strategies your company can provide
  • Make a difference outside the immediate department or project you are traditionally hired to work with.  By ensuring the strategies you create extend beyond the immediate and provide tangible benefit to a broader range of your client’s business segments, you are starting to develop a new role for your business in your client’s lives.  You are making the shift from selling something, to helping your clients solve their problems.

Are you more than just another vendor for your top clients – are you taking the next step and transitioning into a business partner?