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Are you an effective project manager?

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011

Project managers wear many hats and functionally execute several jobs with divergent responsibilities.  They’re planners, schedulers, strategic thinkers, team builders and motivators.  A successful project manager often needs to know how to negotiate for extended time, additional resources and coordinate individuals to make fewer changes.  They’ve got to be smart risk takers, quick decision makers and exceptional communicators.

As a multidiscipline project manager, you’ll need to remember the following:

  • Learn the imperative questions to ask before you even begin
    • Get the information that will make certain you understand the ultimate objectives and what is expected including time-frame, budget, key deliverables and primary decision makers
  • Utilize planning and scheduling tools to keep all parties in check and on schedule
    • Create a critical path, breakdown each participants’ responsibilities and delivery dates, negotiate third party contracts and schedule regular follow-up meetings
  • Find the people you need to succeed
    • Articulate the kind of skills, attitudes and work habits you’re looking for, and encourage your team to make your project a priority
  • Implement the controls and safety nets you need to establish early on
    • Set milestones, negotiate for new deadlines if necessary, motivate a team that may be losing interest and prepare a ‘Plan B’ in case major initiatives fall through

Are you ready to take on that next big project and motivate your team?