Financially Responsible Marketing


Marketing is an investment, not an expense. The Imaginis Manifesto 


How are we different from other marketing agencies?

We’re grounded in our relationships, in value creation and in your success.

Which means?

That we care about your bottom line, about the real measurable results that our activities bring you. We measure everything we do to maximize your bang for your buck.

Financially Responsible Marketing
Our dedication to real results does not stop us from finding and using the best creative and innovative resources available. The difference is that we don’t focus only on the beauty of our marketing activities. We focus on the results. It’s an approach we call Financially Responsible Marketing™.

For over a decade, we have been a close partner to several of North America’s leading corporations, including Bell Canada and Dell. Delivering profitable solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses has taken us not only across Canada and the United States, but abroad to India, Brazil, China and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Investor marketing at Imaginis
Investor relations are often the result of an awkward collaboration between investment experts and outsourced marketing firms. Our united approach is different. We offer, in-house, deep investment experience, capital raising history, corporate structuring and marketing expertise. We speak the language of the Street and we know how to communicate so that investors listen. You get stronger investor relations and successful experts in IPOs and turnarounds, with less duplicated effort. From one independent firm.


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Melanie Dowhaniuk Founder and President

Melanie’s ability to help small, medium and enterprise companies generate new business turned Imaginis into a multi-million dollar operation within its first four years. In 2008, not only was Melanie recognized as a finalist in the RBC Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award, she and her team were also awarded Best in Class by Dell Canada.

Melanie balances disciplined strategy and innovative ideas with a keen eye for the bottom line; Imaginis marketing initiatives generate new business through carefully targeted prospects. Each one is backed by a return on investment that can be – and is – measured. Under Melanie’s direction, Imaginis built on these principles to create Financially Responsible Marketing™.

Melanie’s passion for customer experience has taken Imaginis across Canada and the United States to consult on service partnership programs, as well as abroad to India, Brazil, China and Sub-Saharan Africa. Melanie takes an active role in the community, co-leading the Gold Circle program as part of the Next Generation Sunnybrook Foundation Executive Committee. The goal of Next Generation is to engage a new generation of supporters through awareness initiatives, fundraising activities and participation in the hospital community.

Melanie’s lifelong interest in the arts stems from her 16 years of training in dance; she also serves as co-chair for the National Ballet of Canada’s Young Professionals Group, Turnout. For relaxation, Melanie enjoys travel, working on her tennis game, and taking in a glass of Pinot at a local restaurant.

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Marcia Ross Vice President, Content Development

Marcia believes that the typical business reader is rarely riveted, constantly distracted, and often overloaded.

With this as a starting-point, she helps Imaginis clients create communications that are crisp, compelling and reader-focused. Beginning with the question: ‘What does the target audience want to know?’ she builds deceptively simple messages that first pull in readers and then work their way into their hearts and minds.

Marcia has been consulting to a range of organizations on B2B communications for over two decades. Her fascination with the world of business and her delight in addressing any new problem allow her to contribute across a wide range of industries – ranging from investment to commuter rail to media to manufacturing to professional services to high tech.

Marcia’s interest in psychology and behavioural economics – how do people actually think and behave? – informs her approach to business communications. Her writing style is direct, fresh, seductive, and unconventional.

Marcia has an honours degree in history from Queen’s University and an M.B.A. from Ivey. She has also taken the Canadian Securities Course and reads frequently on business and investment. Her book on business writing is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2015. Marcia plays tennis and squash competitively, enjoys duplicate bridge, and is a keen cottager.

Sean Cotnam - headshot

Sean Cotnam Director of Marketing

Sean makes action plans happen. Once the strategy has been developed for a client project, Sean ensures that the experts involved execute it as planned. Sean manages Imaginis resources across a range of marketing specialties, including market research, SEO, social media, website development, public relations, and target marketing.

 Eight years ago, when Sean came to Imaginis, he brought with him a depth of experience in account management, with clients such as Molson Coors, Microsoft, Best Buy, Epson, Toronto Public Library, and Bell Canada. Sean has deep experience in coordinating the players involved in complex projects while managing timeline and budget. He ensures that the initial strategy and objectives are maintained throughout the hurly-burly of the project.

 Sean supports Melanie in refining Imaginis’ strategic vision and design of client services. His diverse brand experience and broad familiarity with marketing tools and tactics have given him the ability to connect with clients in virtually any industry.

 Sean holds a BA of Social Sciences in Urban Development and Media, Information and Techno Culture from the University of Western Ontario. He has also completed a Project Management Diploma with CDI Education.

 Sean passions are skiing – particularly with his twin boys – and trends in consumer technology.

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