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Step 3 of B2B marketing: how to develop your content mix

Posted by on Jun 7, 2018

Now that you know who you are talking to and what you want to say, you need to decide how and where you want to deliver your messages.

Determine what types of content you want to create

There are a many ways to deliver your message.  Each one can provide the right amount of information to answer the questions a prospect has in their stage of the buying process.

  • For prospects who have realized they have a problem (awareness), you want to deliver short and concise descriptive content to help them identify what solutions are available.
  • Once they’ve determined how they’d like to solve their problem (consideration), you provide more in-depth materials, to elaborate on problem-solving concepts.
  • When they are ready to purchase (conversion), you deliver your complete solution.


Determining where to publish your content

Now that you have determined what types of content you want to create, you need to think about placement.

There are two channels of communication for your content, owned and 3rd party.

  • Owned is your website or email system.
  • 3rd party is through other websites, social media, conferencing systems, YouTube, and podcast hosting sites.

Where you place your content is based on how your buyer/audience finds information, as determined in step 1 of the marketing processExample: You write a blog. Yes, you can post it on your own website, but you can also ask 3rd party publishing websites to host the content.

A few more examples of content placement for each stage:

Initial awareness of a problem Most buyers start by discussing with contacts and trusted advisors, checking industry publications, or even searching on social media.
Approach: Write a blog with a relevant topic and ensure keywords are included throughout title and body, so as to optimize search engine recognition.

Consideration of a solution Most will visit your website and expect to see videos and content that support their in-depth research on the problem and the provider.
Approach: Create a video that walks a viewer through the steps in solving their problem.  Post the video on YouTube and embed it on your website home page.

Decision to buy Once a buyer has narrowed down their solution options, they typically engage directly with key contacts to view a demo or participate in a webinar. Approach: Create an in-depth presentation of your solution. Host it on your website on a landing page; publish it on SlideShare; promote it socially.


In a nutshell: how to find the right mix

Examine each step that your potential buyer takes on the journey to a sales conversation.

Make sure you have at least one piece of content for each stage, for each problem a buyer may have.

Develop metrics that will help you validate activities at each stage.


Are you ready for the final step?  Watch this space for the final blog of this 4-part series: at the right time