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10 Facts About Mobile Marketing: Part 2

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011

As we uncovered last week, the mobile and Smartphone is actually beginning to replace the laptop or PC as the consumer vehicle of choice.  With the advancement of technology, and the evolution of consumer behaviour, mobile apps are growing beyond the gaming and entertainment platforms into the area of direct consumer purchasing.  This advancement and the desire of consumers to have everything at their fingertips has created powerful brand opportunities.

In this 2nd and final part of our series, here are some additional facts about Mobile Marketing:

  • Mobile marketing goes beyond advertising
    • When stepping into the mobile market the easiest place to start is through mobile advertisement.  This is easily set up through GoogleAdWords (for example) but they might not provide the intended return.  The nature of mobile browsing is not the same experience as being glued to a PC or laptop so enticement by simple advertising is unlikely.  Embracing the full suite of mobile technologies can allow you to create exciting and engaging content.
  • Technologies will change quickly
    • Mobile marketing has to be treated as a specialist area within your marketing or digital department.  With the rapid advancement of technology, consumer behaviour evolves to change the method and timing of purchasing behaviour.  Mobile commerce is growing rapidly and brands have to adapt to fit the consumer need and continue to provide something of use to the customer base.
  • PayPal engages $10M in mobile transactions each day
    • Although much conversation exists around the projected figures for mobile commerce, the actual transactions taking place are substantial.  PayPal recently released figures showing that they are processing up to $10 Million in mobile transactions daily, and is expected to reach $3 Billion in total by the end of 2011.  This is merely one payment provider, so the interest and monetary value is already flowing through mobile commerce.
  • Smartphones are used for photos
    • Photo sharing is showing massive growth throughout the social media space with new photo sharing services popping up weekly.  As services develop to make photo sharing more accessible, this represents a huge potential market for brands.  By recognizing where the demand is and finding interesting, if not unexpected ways to meet consumer need, opportunities to broaden your brand penetration and entice new consumer behaviors can be achieved.
  • Tablets cannot be ignored
    • Tablets may seem like a small market at the moment, but they cannot be ignored as your brand expands into the mobile space.  According to Forrester, at the start of 2011, half of mobile commerce was coming through tablet devices and the momentum is growing.  This may be due to the fact that tablet users are likely to have increased expendable income with a higher intent to purchase, but may also be heavily linked to the easier browsing and user experience tablets provide.


When you leave your house for the day, you always take your phone with you.  By engaging in the mobile environment you allow you consumer base to access your product and create a simple and elegant method to engage in your product.