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10 Facts About Mobile Marketing: Part 1

Posted by on Dec 1, 2011

As we head into the ‘crunch time’ of the holiday season it’s important to understand and embrace the major consumer trends in a timely and effective manner.  Mobile marketing continues to increase in popularity and it’s important for brands to understand the value within this industry, as well as how it can provide important return.  As Smartphone technology advances, many are still in the dark as to the extent of mobile and Smartphone usage, and unaware of how much of their marketing strategy should be centred on mobile.

In this 2 part series, here are some facts about Mobile Marketing which you should know!

  • People will pay for apps
    • When considering the production of an app for your business one of the first decisions you will make is whether or not to charge for it, and if so – how much?  A recent survey by Nielsen shows that people are willing to pay for apps.  The appetite for payment is dependent on category with gaming coming out on top (93%) while news was the poorest performance category (76%).  These figures are highly encouraging, and show that when presented the right way, mobile content can be directly monetized.
  • You will NOT be the first to launch a mobile app
    • Many companies mistakenly assume that launching an app will itself drastically improve revenue and drive new customers.  The reality is that this is a crowded market, and the key it to catch your customer’s attention and keep it.  Focus on what you need your app to do and the purpose it needs to serve to your customer base.  Don’t make the mistake of concentrating on the technical aspects without looking at the pragmatic application to your audience
  • Phones aren’t really phones anymore
    • Mobile internet and app usage has become so pervasive that the majority of people aren’t even using their phones as ‘phones’.  In a recent survey, Smartphone users reportedly use their ‘phone’ 15% of the time while 56% of time is spent on mobile apps and 19% by email and messaging.
  • You could be running out of time
    • The brands that are getting an early start to mobile marketing are uncovering valuable lessons which will continue to shape and influence their mobile strategy.  Early mobile adopters will emerge as the winners in the mobile race as they benefit from experience and tailoring their offer to match what their consumers actually want with sophisticated strategies.  By ignoring the mobile movement you could soon be ignoring the dominant consumer platform and be far behind on the learning curve when your platform launches
  • Mobile commerce is key
    • Although gaming, entertainment and news currently dominate the mobile app market, shopping is quickly growing as the commerce solution of choice.  A survey of 15,000 mobile users across 14 countries found that 35% prefer shopping via mobile vs. 15% who prefer shopping via laptop or PC.  This indicates that mobile usage isn’t simply an additional access point for shopping, but is actually replacing the PC as a consumer tool.

Our phones come with us everywhere and create a constant point of connection.  Join us next week to learn more about the important factors of mobile marketing.